Reformat mac os x snow leopard

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Select the checkbox for "Zero out data". Click Erase. I'm eager to hear the OP's response. If this is indeed his goal, your answer is a very, very good one.

How to reinstall Mac OS X from scratch

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Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Separate Linux tag from Unix. Related 8. Hot Network Questions. Reinstall them from the original disks, or download them from the original source. Once you have completed the seventh step, you should have your machine back to a state pretty close to where it was before, though hopefully without the issues that caused you to go to all this trouble in the first place.

Is it enough to choose Erase?

What is Recovery partition?

Are the results of Erase command similar to Format option from Windows? There is no need to zero out the drive.

Erasing is sufficient, there is no malware that can survive that. Malware would have to somehow embed itself into the hardware such as in the firmware in order to survive a hard drive erasure.

While just hitting Erase gives you a clean drive to reinstall to, it would be a very good idea to to zero the data. The zeroing touches every block of the drive, so if you do have a bad block it would be found and retaliated to a good block. This would be more important on a drive 3 years and older vs a newer drive.

How To Completely Restore Your Mac to Factory Settings

It was true years ago, but modern drives automatically map out bad blocks as they are encountered. Zeroing the drive these days is only important if you want to wipe the data and prevent it from being recoverable. I really want to do a totally clean install of ML. Is there a straightforward way to accomplish that? You can download the Mountain Lion installer, then make a bootable install disk out of it and use that to erase the hard drive and install ML.

If you make a bootable install disk according to those directions, then you can install in an offline situation.

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Search for: Step 1: Back up! Step 3: Reinstall This step is pretty simple — just follow the directions to reinstall the system on the newly-erased drive. Mac Consulting: You can check out consulting services or call Check whether you have RAM issues: If you have problems immediately after installing random-access memory RAM — or any new hardware, for that matter — double-check that the RAM chips are properly seated in their sockets.

If you still have problems, remove the RAM chips temporarily and see whether the problem still exists. Follow the installation instructions that came with the RAM chips — or the ones in the booklet that came with your Mac.