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The Julia download page provides precompiled binaries for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems, and platform-specific instructions in case you run into any trouble. One reason is that Julia is evolving rapidly enough that installing and updating across campus is impractical. But more importantly, I think it's best for you, the student, to get some hands-on experience in the free software ecosystem, and to retain as much control as possible of your software environment.

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To that end, my plan for using Julia on the Kingsbury N computers is for students to download and install the Julia binaries for Windows into a folder on a USB stick. I personally don't know much about Windows, so this will be a bit of an in-class experiment.

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Read more about reopening questions here. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center , please edit the question. I've used DokuWiki on a Stick to set up a simple home wiki, and it was really easy to set up. If you want to write in Markdown and convert to DokuWiki, I published a conversion script in this answer. Although it probably doesn't support all your requirements e. Synchronising by cloud , you might find it useful with some lateral thinking and experimenting, e.


Trunk Notes meets some of your requirements:. I would give TiddlyWiki a try. It's completely client-side "hosted", so incredibly portable. You can put it on a thumbdrive and take it with you anywhere, or put it in your Dropbox folder and access it from the cloud. All you need is a modern web browser. It takes a little getting used to using a purely client-side browser application mainly not having any page refreshes and the app structure, but it's very handy as a personal wiki and has minimal setup.

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All you have to do is save the link to your computer and open it in your favorite browser. Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Creating a private wiki [closed] Ask Question.

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  • I use it since more than 10 years twm and tvtwm were its predecessors and its configuration has evolved since then quite a bit to tinted transparent window frames and title bars, etc. I tried other window managers in between e. No other window manager is so fast and configurable in regards of keybindings.

    Handles multiple screen very well and out of the box, too. It just maximizes all windows by default to screen resolution. You then can manage split, resize, switch, close, kill windows as you are used to manage shells and text-mode applications with screen 1. My favourite low-end but still DAU compatible window manager. Use that on demo and guest accounts, especially on low end machines. Synergy — connects displays of other computers not only X but also even Mac or Windows with your mouse and keyboard similar to a KVM switch.

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    I use it at work to add my laptop as fourth monitor. So it fits in perfectly. I like it though. Use it on low-end machines. Good for the short shell usage inbetween. The other similar pull down consoles I know KDEish yakuake and GNOMEish tilda had some issues with focus and keybindings while yeahconsole works just out of the box and showed no problems until now.

    XMMS and Audacious — If I want to play a single list of files of the same file format or single stream, I usually use the command line tools mpg and ogg I usually only start one Emacs instance and connect to it using emacsclient. For writing letters, articles, presentations and so I have LaTeX. Gnumeric — My preferred spreadsheet application.