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But that doesn't mean you're not getting any new features, Apple is bringing its new Deep Fusion photography technology to iOS There is also supposedly new Apple MacBook hardware on the horizon, with an edge-to-edge display and Face ID, which could have some specific macOS features. And it's been a pretty long wait. If you need a refresher, that's Google Pixel 4 unmasked early ahead of announcement on October 15 Google Chrome update knows when you've been hacked First look at Apple AirPods 3 with new design and noise-cancellation OnePlus 8 unmasked, and not everyone will like its biggest change.

You need Wifi for that. No rollback options is pure stupidity and arrogance from a company delivering unreliable software updates. I have this problem with Catalina where I have 1Tb disk and used about Gb but Catalina shows that I have Gb left so surprisingly there is still about Gb somewhere. I have an early MacBook Air. I only had about 11 gigs of storage, so was unable to install Catalina.

I was at the Genius bar for something else and the person helping me offered to do a forced upgrade. It worked perfectly until I realized all of my keychain data was missing. So we wiped my computer clean, reinstalled Catalina and then restored my computer from the backup done right before visiting the Apple Store. Sure, it took some effort, especially with the keychain snafu — and now I have 31 gigs free in storage. The rep at the genius bar indicated I might gain some space back. No issues other than the fans running incessantly.

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I just installed Thieves and bandits, all of them! Please move this item to the trash manually. Google Chrome downloaded this file on August 31, I have no idea what either of these things are and neither can be removed at all, no matter what I try and neither of these are apps that I installed or even heard about! I can not even imagine what would happen if I had an older computer.

And I did not really dig deep into it — imagine what else is there for me to find. One more blow like this and I am back to windows, enough is enough.

Force restarted computer by holding power til it turned off. Turned power on. Install window showed up and completed. Island picture showed again, and showed some news messages, then disappeared. Logged in. Screen went black for a few minutes and it logged out. Logged in again. Screen black, but showed mouse cursor.

Slowly brought up menu items top left, and completed. No further issues. Some people with Mac mini that have bricked completely after installing MacOS Catalina can find a possible solution through this video below. Weird situation. The solution offered is basically this for terminal, but you must know the bit application that is loading at start and where it is so you can remove it:.

I have always loved Apple products for their User Friendly operation. Installation stucked on a black screen for about 10 hours until I decided to turn it off. When restarted asked my password and never recognized it. Catalina download is unavailable, despite running Selecting again will cause the same. Sometimes the screen turns Red for few seconds then returns back to normal after the 10 seconds!

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Obviously Word for Mac Easyest solution so far: Revert to Word for Mac I have the same problem and have been through several hours with the Microsoft Support helpline. We completely reinstalled MS Office and tinkered with some other settings, with no resolution. The problem does not appear in safe mode. Is anyone else experiencing the following: When I Shut down my mac, it reboots, showing a black screen telling me to either press any key on my keyboard or wait for an x amount secs. Then it reboots to the login screen, then I can turn my mac of.

On the next startup, after login in, I get an error message stating that I turned my Mac of because of a problem, followed by a crash report. However, the problem was turning it of in the first place. And how did you fix this, if you fixed it? I have experienced the same issue. I had to boot to a USB drive and reinstall Catalina from there.

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I noticed that it started after applying the I have not discovered a fix, but the reinstall from boot USB did not delete any data, and it set my system back to the pre I did, hated it, and just deleted the volume. No sweat, no problems.

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Catalina has decided not to let me print to a Dell printer due to the software being downloaded from an unauthorised site i. The print job is interrupted before being sent to the printer, and only option it offers is to delete the specific driver application, which it then cannot do because the file is obviously in use. This seems pretty poor, as there is not the usual security override via the Control Panel and the print application appears to be bit compatible.

Looks like this was not properly tested prior to release. Workaround PRAM reset after every ca. Already resolution was screwed underscan setting needed to redo after each sleep cycle after sleep cycle in previous MacOS release and now this…. Then ignore Catalina, I will skip it entirely it is too buggy by the reports.

All my hours of picture organization and chronology are gone. Not to mention photos also. I also had the screen go haywire but restarting it seemed to help, I think it either had something to do with the Adobe Stock Library or the object styles menus in Adobe InDesign CC. Restarting fixed it. It seems a little shaky at times but to be fair it is a big re-write. Though some of the bugs have me shaken.

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  4. The iMac finally got updated, but how does it compare to the Mac mini??
  5. This is quite important for me. I found this writeup by Mike a bit shocking. I have never needed to restore a backup when I had plenty of time. So while his article is brilliant and informative, as usual, I disagree with his conclusion that it is an acceptable trade off.

    It is very complicated and the potential pitfalls are numerous and perhaps, depending on your setup, more likely than not. He does a great job of explaining all of it and is a tried and proven resource as is OS X Daily. Many thanks to both! My advice, not his. This is a great point.

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    Here is the article on standard rotational hard disks performance issues:. I am staying away from macOS Catalina for the foreseeable future. It breaks more than it adds for me personally. I cannot get any of my photo titles to show up.

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    Nothing works. I need to see the titles of my photos. Please help! I upgraded both my Mac to Catalina and my iPhone 8 to Somehow, a couple of my photos in each of my photo albums have gotten out of order! Also, if I arrange photos on the Mac app, it jumbles the photos on the iPhone, and vice versa. What the heck?

    Please tell me there is a fix! And neither one seems to be the entire contents of the volume. Beta 2 will be fully read-only by default. If I had wanted 2 damn volumes I would have partitioned it that way! So now I have to 1 either wait until Apple fixes this, or 2 no longer update. It continues till the end of the progress bar and then it remains there for eternity. No boot! I had the same happen with Mojave.

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    5. Complete the progress bar and stay there for eternity, no boot. Luckily I had this experience already, so I had an extra partition running High Sierra to fall back to. And I also wonder if this would happen if Steve was still around. OS X MacBook Pro inch, , I have this problem too. MacBook Pro Retina, inch, Early , 2. Catalina I use photo descriptions a LOT so this is really annoying. Does anybody have the same problem? Anybody knows how to fix it?