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How to connect external displays to a 2017 MacBook Pro

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Most Useful Most Recent 1. Various problems but no alternatives The positive is that this adapter works all of the time for an Apple extended keyboard, most of the time when driving a VGA monitor and some of the time for thu The positive is that this adapter works all of the time for an Apple extended keyboard, most of the time when driving a VGA monitor and some of the time for thumb drives and other external hard drives. Various problems but no alternatives Yes No.

Yes No.

USB to DVI HDMI VGA Converter - Ugreen

Useless since last update Everything has been said already about the price, the aesthetics, the inconvenience, etc. Useless since last update Yes No. Does not always work Bought this overpriced adapter thinking that an Apple product would be worth the investment.

Does not always work Yes No. Read all 38 customer reviews. Answers from the community. Asked by Sabirah A on May 16, So the adapter says that it can mirror a display, this worries me, does it not allow one to extend the display to have dual monitors? Asked by Kathy G from Littleton on Mar 9, Looking in the top bar to see what WiFi signals were available, I found that there were a lot less. As soon as I removed the adapter the WiFi signal was available once more, and I could use the internet connection.


The next hour I spend searching on the web only to find out that Apple seems to be aware of the problem. The antennas for the MBP are built in just in front of the display and above the keyboard and Touchbar, if you have one.

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  • Some USB 3 devices can generate radio frequency interference that can cause Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices operating in the 2. What is interesting here is that they indicate interference with the 2.

    How to use a third monitor on a Mac! Setting up the j5 create USB 3 to HDMI adapter on OS 10.13+

    That is until I plugged in the Icy Box multiport adapter in my laptop. As soon as I walked upstairs with my laptop, it hooked up with a 5GHz connection to my WiFi and I could use both the internet. If your WiFi reception is bad ie: you experience a slow connection or none at all , Apple suggests the following measures on the related support page to solve the issues with your WiFi connection:. These are no real solutions but bandaids that will hopefully minimize the impact of these issues.

    So, know you know. Just as applies to coding: once you know what the origin of an issue is, you can figure out how to fix it. My hope is that this article gives you insight into the issues and helps you save time and so you can get back to building mobile solutions on your shiney Macbook Pro with Touchbar edition ASAP.

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    • I probably use this the least of all, but still. Delivers 3A max. This in return causes attached devices to be unmounted or to loose the connection shortly the connection is re-established automatically after seconds , which may bring about a loss of unsaved data. With iMac Mid to Mid , it is possible to use the iMac as monitor with a Thunderbolt connection only. With newer iMac, a Target Mode with an iMac is not possible anymore. Create Pdf. Input connections 1x USB-C 3.